We are a community of peers, healthcare providers, family members, and researchers coming together to understand what works in mental health. Based in southeast Ohio, we support peer-driven research and social advocacy that leads to rural community members having access to the information that they need to make informed choices and provide exceptional support in mental health.

Our leadership, Governing Board, and collaborators have the combined skills and passion to successfully engage peers and stakeholders in meaningful and relevant research studies and to create avenues for communication and advocacy around what works in mental health.

What it means to be Peer-Driven

Research and dialog about what works in mental health must be peer-driven. We value individual perspectives and stories about lived experience. Innovative solutions that spring from these conversations become practical plans for creating real life change on a day-to-day level.

Change does not occur in a vacuum. Our Governing Board brings together peers, behavioral healthcare providers, family members, policymakers, and researchers. By learning how community and university partners can build relationships to work together, we hope to nurture positive change within our own community, and develop a model for others with limited resources.

Our Commitment

Individuals in rural areas help define what works in mental health recovery. They have access to information about what works. They are empowered to advocate for community support to achieve their goals in recovery.

Our Values

  • Empowerment
  • Inclusion
  • Creative Capital
  • Balance
  • Passion
  • Community collaboration

Our Purpose

The Front Porch Project empowers mental health peers in rural areas to participate in ongoing conversations about what clinical treatments, recovery support options, and self-directed approaches work best in mental health recovery.

When mental health peers join conversations, contribute to research and access the growing body of evidence about what works, they are better prepared to advocate for treatment, support, and self-directed approaches to their recovery.

About Our Name

Front porches are welcoming spaces to relax and reflect. They serve as intersections between our public and private selves. We envision the Front Porch Project as the place where community and research come together in dialog about mental health.