We know that it is necessary for peers, community stakeholders, and researchers to be able to work together in order to support research studies that are relevant for the community and maintain scientific rigor. We value personal relationship above all else in the research process and in our projects.

PCORI Pipeline to Proposal (P2P) project

From 2015 – 2018 we participated in the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute’s (PCORI) Pipeline to Proposal (P2P) program.

Through this project we:

  • Developed a Governing Board and Staff based in Athens, Ohio.
  • Drafted research questions in response to identified strengths and service gaps in our community.
  • Created tools and strategies to engage peers and mental health stakeholders in rural communities.
  • Submitted funding proposals to support research and engagement projects.

Journal Club

In 2018 – 2019, we will launch a community-based journal club to enhance research literacy, understanding of patient-centered research, and collaboration between community and university partners in Southeast Ohio.

Journal clubs have long been used to supplement training for healthcare professionals. They reinforce knowledge, boost analytical skills and help individuals translate research into clinical practice. We will bring journals to a community setting so that peers, community stakeholders, and researchers can share information, discuss ideas, and make positive grassroots change.

We are excited to initiate this new activity in our region. Please contact us if you live in Southeast Ohio and would like to join our journal club!